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New York City


Are you looking for a videographer or a reputable video production company in New York? Your World Productions offers complete video documentation and production services in the Big Apple.


Our talented and dedicated production team of visual storytellers can respond and mobilize quickly and efficiently. We keep pace with the demands of our customers in this fast-paced city. No matter the time frame we’re given to produce a video, we make sure that the finished products we give our customers are of the utmost quality. We work fast but we make sure we give you the best.


In fact, videos we’ve worked on during the past year have been used by our clients to make their company earn hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re capable of tailoring our services to your needs and budget so whether you’re a small company looking for a leg up to promote your business or a thriving enterprise that strives to continue your success, Your World Productions has something to offer you.


If it’s your first time to hire the services of a videographer or a video production company, there’s no need to be intimidated. Your World Productions makes it easy for you to get what you need. We do our best to make things simple for our customers, especially those who have no experience with hiring a video production company. We will gladly entertain your questions and make sure you understand everything. We strive so that our customers see us as their partners in achieving their aim of producing a video that will meet its objectives and ultimately, increase their bottom line.


What We Can Do For You and Your Company


Online Ads and TV Commercials; Promotional and Marketing Videos

  -  We can be your partners in using video as an effective marketing and promotional tool. We offer complete packages tailor-made to suit your budget and specifications to produce video advertisements or infomercials for your company’s website or TV commercial spots.

Videographer Services

   - If you need to document an important function or special event for your company, our videographers are among the best in the industry. We have video camera packages for single or multiple camera crews and you have the option to choose which ones suit your needs the best.

Production Services

   - We specialize in corporate video production for all of your business needs. Our team of experienced producers are experienced in handling all the phases of production from inception to completion. They are well-trained and well-versed in coordinating and supervising the members of the production team as well as controlling the creative and logistical aspects (financial, technological and administrative) of the production process.

   - We also have a talented group of directors who will oversee all the creative aspects in the video production including directing the performance of actors, managing technical details such as camera placement and use of lighting and lighting techniques.

   - We can also help you in the pre-production stage. Pre-production involves conceptualizing the video, creating a story board, drafting a script, scouting locations and ironing out all the other necessary details before the cameras start rolling.

Teleprompter Services

   - For professional presentations, it is often best to use teleprompter equipment to help you give that presentation with confidence. When you rent our teleprompter system, it comes complete with an operator who will set up and operate it to help you deliver your speech with greater ease.


   - Post-production is what happens once the shooting is done. We offer a wide array of services aside from merely editing the video and this includes 2D and 3D motion graphics, animation, color grading, audio sweetening, digitizing, titling, DVD authoring, and transcoding to streaming video web.

Video Editing

   - If you have raw video material that you want edited, we can do it for you. Our editing suites are fully capable of editing your video for that polished, professional look.

In short, we can be with you every step of the way. We offer our expertise, our creative minds and our professional work ethic to all our customers.


Call us now for a free consultation at 800.878.1547.  Reach us by email

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